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Giving new life to gorgeous vintage pieces…

Our store is a place for truly discovering unique furniture and tailored interior design . Our customers can count on us to expect the unexpected; we are fun and quirky in an elegant way! We know how to add personality to everyday items, and add spice to your home.


Art and design has always been my passion. The feeling of giving new identify and life to an old, beautiful, vintage piece is priceless. Every project is individual, unique and personal. Renovating furniture allows me to express myself and my style. The silver lining and most important objective to me is that you enjoy my work in your home.

I use various techniques and tools, working with the highest quality materials. I firmly believe that quality starts from the ground up and that starts with the furniture I source.

Here, you can see some examples of my work. If you have furniture that needs refreshing then please get in contact to discuss. I am also able to source a specific piece for you depending on your requirements. I am open and excited to work on custom commissions.


Purchasing upcycled furniture is a big step in tackling this problem. Furthermore, vintage and antique pieces were built to last! They have a great historic and often deep sentimental value.

The materials used at Bubblemod Furniture are of highest quality and industry standards. All materials used are water-based and only brands that really care about our planet!

Re-purpose Re-novate Re-store and Re-use!

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